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Hi! I’m Elsa Selva

I support people on their nature-based journey towards meaningful connections and positive transformation.

Rooted in a sense of adventure and a quest for belonging, my highly sensitive soul has led me to live in six different countries, shaping my personal and professional values while instilling a deep love and appreciation for the diverse wonders of the natural world.

As an accredited coach, facilitator and wellbeing practitioner holding an MSc with distinction in wellbeing psychology and coaching psychology, my journey draws inspiration from the slow and conscious travels and lifestyle of female pioneers and adventurers.

Encouraged by different connection and exploration stories, I’ve now crafted my own narrative, bringing together my personal adventures with a commitment to environmental and social justice. I am passionate about holding spaces for others to foster meaningful connections, embrace a slow-life journey and take positive action.

Living a ‘digital-nomad’ lifestyle, I constantly face (and perhaps intentionally create for myself) change and transition. Navigating the world’s complexities and the challenges of being on the move involves aligning with the rhythms of the natural world. This commitment extends to implementing (imperfect) sustainable practices, aligning my environmental and social justice values with my actions, and grounding myself through movement and self-exploration – all held by a deep passion and hope for an inspiring future for all.

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